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Polish Process

RIMM-KLEEN SYSTEMS uses a 7 step process to bring dull aluminum wheels to a “Like New Finish”.

Rims can be polished for Steer (front) or Drive (rear) applications or both sides can be done!

Additional Services

  • Swap programs available
  • Stainless steel valve stems added for additional charge
  • Used rims are available for purchase

Step 1: Prepare rim for Polish

  • Rim is given light shot blast to clean base metal; removing dirt, grease and grime and allow for inspection of cracks or bends in bead and worn bolt holes.
  • Faulty rims can then be removed from service before they can cause serious problems.

Step 2: Machine grind rim

  • Rims go through several stages of machine grind to remove most pits, scratches and gouges

Step 3: Recut rim

  • Recuts rim to smooth finish

Step 4: Polish rim

  • Rim goes through final stage of Polish to bring wheel to “Like New Luster.”

All RIMM-KLEEN polished rims are bagged for protection before returning to customer.